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(EDESuite) Subject: MPN, MPN Manifest, and Disclosure Statement Print Functionality in EDExpress Discontinued with Implementation of New Forms

Posted Date:October 27, 2016

Author: Pamela Eliadis, Service Director, System Operations & Aid Delivery Management, Federal Student Aid

Subject: MPN, MPN Manifest, and Disclosure Statement Print Functionality in EDExpress Discontinued with Implementation of New Forms

We would like to inform users of the EDExpress for Windows Direct Loan module of an upcoming change to the software’s print functionality. When a school begins using the newly approved Master Promissory Notes (MPNs), it will no longer be able to print MPNs, MPN Manifests, and Disclosure Statements using EDExpress.

EDExpress 2016-2017, Release 2.0 will not be updated to print the new MPNs, nor will the EDExpress 2017-2018, Release 2.0 software scheduled for posting in April 2017. Print functionality for the MPNs, MPN Manifests, and Disclosure Statements will be removed entirely from EDExpress 2018-2019.

Fillable PDF versions of the revised MPNs will be available on the website upon completion of the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) System implementation during the period of October 28-30, 2016. We strongly encourage EDExpress Direct Loan users to begin directing loan applicants to the website to complete online versions of the MPN.

Alternatively, schools will need to print paper versions of the MPN, MPN Manifest, and Disclosure Statement onsite using a third-party software or other non-EDExpress system. Paper English versions of the revised Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan MPN (with data labels), the revised Direct PLUS Loan MPN (with data labels), and the revised Plain Language Disclosures will be available for schools to order in bulk from FSAPubs beginning Monday, October 31, 2016.

The date on which the old forms will no longer be accepted will be provided in a forthcoming Electronic Announcement.

The following sections provide guidance on how to address EDExpress Direct Loan functionality specific to MPNs, MPN Manifests, and Disclosure Statements after the school’s implementation of the new MPNs.

Setup (Tools, Setup, COD)

  • Leave all MPN and Disclosure Statement fields in Direct Loan School setup at the default settings.

  • Discontinue use of MPN Printer setup.

  • Disregard the MPN (Received to Manifest) field in Tolerances setup.

Import (File, Import, Direct Loan)

  • For the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) data and Packaging data import types: The import process will continue to set the MPN Status to T (School assumes MPN Exists) if the ISIR’s National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) data reflects an existing MPN for the loan type you are creating. Also, if the import process identifies an existing loan record of the same loan type for the student in EDExpress, the MPN Status of the new record is updated to match the existing record. If the import does not identify an existing MPN for the student based on the ISIR’s NSLDS data or a qualifying existing record in your database, the MPN Status is set to N (Not ready to Print) for the Subsidized/Unsubsidized loan types or R (Ready to Print) for the PLUS/Grad PLUS loan types.

  • For the Loan Data-External Add (message class DIEA17OP) import type: When creating external add files with loan data, you should set the MPN Status to T or leave the value blank, depending on whether an MPN for the loan type you are creating already exists for the student.

  • For the Loan Data-External Change (message DIEC17OP) import type: We recommend that you do not modify MPN-related fields using the external change import process.

  • There is no change to the process of importing updated MPN Status information sent by the COD System in various response files, including the COD Common Record Response (message class CRAA17OP) and MPN Response (CRPN17OP). Updates to MPN Status values will now result from MPN processing that occurs outside of EDExpress.

Direct Loan Entry (Origination Tab and Multiple Entry)

  • When creating loans manually on the Origination (Direct Loan) tab, you can either set the MPN Status field value to T or leave the status at R before exporting the record. The COD System will update the MPN Status value in its response, depending on MPN-related activity outside of EDExpress.

  • Do not update the MPN Status to S (Signed & Returned) or update the Signed MPN Received date field value using manual entry or Multiple Entry (Process, Multiple Entry, Direct Loan).

  • Do not modify the MPN Print Indicator or Disclosure Statement Print Indicator field values manually on the Origination tab or using Direct Loan Multiple Entry.

Direct Loan Print (File, Print, Direct Loan)

  • Do not print MPNs or Disclosure Statements for any loan type from the Origination (Direct Loan) tab or outside of student records using the report options provided in the Direct Loan Print dialog box.

  • Do not print MPN Manifests for any loan type or use the Manifest Document Regeneration report option in the Direct Loan Print dialog box.

  • The following Direct Loan reports include fields related to processing MPNs, MPN Manifests, and/or Disclosure Statements that will be blank after you discontinue printing from EDExpress: List–Sub/Unsub MPN, List–PLUS MPN, List–Grad PLUS MPN, and Origination Record Report. Note, however, that the MPN Status that appears on these reports will still reflect the current status in EDExpress.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding EDExpress, contact CPS/SAIG Technical Support at 800/330-5947 (TDD/TTY 800/511-5806) or by email at

You can also post questions regarding EDExpress on FSATech. FSATech is an electronic mailing list for technical questions about Federal Student Aid systems, software, and mainframe products. For more information on subscribing to FSATech, go to

If you have any questions about the COD System, contact the COD School Relations Center at 800/474-7268 for Grants or 800/848-0978 for Direct Loans. You may also email

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