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(CB-96-18) (CB-96-18) This letter is a reminder of the 1997-98 Electronic FISAP Mailing in July

DCLPublicationDate: 9/1/96
DCLID: CB-96-18
Summary: This letter is a reminder of the 1997-98 Electronic FISAP Mailing in July

September 1996


SUMMARY: This letter is a reminder of the 1997-98 Electronic
FISAP Mailing in July

Dear Financial Aid Administrator:

This letter is a reminder that in late July we mailed to you, or your
servicer, the institution's materials for electronic submission of a
1997-98 Application to Participate/1995-96 Fiscal Operations Report
(FISAP) for the campus-based programs. If you or your servicer did
not receive this package, please telephone the campus-based
Financial Management Specialist for your state immediately. A
listing of these specialists is attached.

Your FISAP must be submitted electronically (mailed, or transmitted
via modem) by October 1, 1996. Your receipt from us by Mid-
November 1996 of the institution's FISAP Edit/Verification Report
will be your confirmation of the entry of your institution's FISAP
information into our data base. If you do not receive this
Edit/Verification Report by November 22, 1996, telephone your
Financial Management Specialist.

If you need any assistance in the preparation of your FISAP, please
contact your state specialist. If you need any technical assistance in
the data entry or submission of your FISAP, please call an Electronic
FISAP Administrator on (301) 565-0032.


JoAnn Pease, Chief
Campus-Based Financial Operations
Branch, IFMD



Mrs. C. Franklin-Jones (202) 708-9183 AL,AK,AZ,CO,CT,DE
alternate - Carolyn Short GA,KY,RI,VT

Mrs. Rhonda Herbert (202) 708-9191 AR,DC,HI,TN, TX,VA
alternate - Jim Porter PI,GU

Mr. Joseph Morris (202) 708-8745 ID,IL,IN,IA,KS,MO
alternate - Vicki Roberson

Ms. Dinah Nelson (202) 708-8759 FL,M,S,OH,PA
alternate - Vicki Roberson

Mrs. Alice Payne (202) 708-9754 CA,SC
alternate - Joseph Morris

Mr. Jim Porter (202) 708-7752 NC,ND,OK,OR,SD,
alternate - Rhonda Herbert WA,WV,WI,WY

Ms. Vicki Roberson (202) 708-7747 LA,ME,MD,MA,MI,
alternate - Dinah Nelson MN,MT

Ms. Carolyn Short (202) 708-9184 NE,NV,NH,NJ,NM,
alternate - Dinah Nelson NY,PR,UT,VI

If ultimately you are unable to reach your Financial Management
Specialist at the above telephone number, you may call the alternate
identified below the name of your specialist, or call (202) 708-7741
for assistance.

Last Modified: 08/31/1996