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2001-2002 RAD Request Schedule

CPS builds the 2001-2002 Renewal Application database9/25/00 – 10/6/00
Schools may begin submitting RAD requests*10/2/00
CPS processes RAD requests daily10/9/00 – 10/27/00
Renewal Application for Windows, Version 1.0 software available on SFAdownload Web site*10/11/00
Last day for schools to submit RAD requests**10/27/00
CPS prints and mails EDE requested paper Renewal FAFSAs (bulk) to schools11/2/00 – 11/10/00
CPS prints and mails non-EDE requested paper Renewal FAFSAs directly to students11/13/00 – 12/29/00
CPS prints and mails PIN mailers directly to students11/13/00 – 12/29/00

*Availability date subject to change.

** Please note you can begin submitting 2001-2002 RAD requests on October 2, 2000, but the CPS will not begin processing requests daily until October 9, 2000. Your RAD request file must be transmitted and completely received by CPS no later than 5:00 PM Central Time, October 27, 2000.