New Features

Interested in our newest features? Check below for the latest updates to FSA Partner Connect.

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Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center organizes the Federal Student Aid (FSA) resources and information articles about Title IV federal student aid from the former Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) website in a modernized look and feel with an improved user experience.

  • Library – Within the Knowledge Center, publications continue to be organized in the “Library” by Resource Type, Program, Functional Area, and System.
  • What’s New – All publications from the last 14 days will continue to appear on the What’s New page.
  • Topics – A newly-named “Topics” area is where you will access informational pages from IFAP.
  • Featured Information and Quick Links – In these two areas of Knowledge Center Home, you will be able to access links and resources that are most often needed, including Electronic Announcements and the Federal Student Aid Handbook.
  • FAQs – All the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that were located on the former IFAP website are now organized in one location.
  • Advanced Search – The Advanced Search feature helps you quickly and easily find the information you are looking for by filtering by Resource Type, Calendar Year, and/or Publication Date.
  • Subscription – You can stay current on the most recent publications to the Knowledge Center by subscribing for updates, offered in a daily or weekly format.
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Federal Student Aid Handbook

The redesigned Federal Student Aid Handbook and Foreign Schools Handbook were enhanced with a series of features to improve the user experience. The new web versions of the Federal Student Aid Handbook and Foreign Schools Handbook introduces an interactive table of contents and search features within the current handbooks that allow you to access the information accurately and efficiently. The new PDF Handbook consolidates the PDF documents for each Federal Student Aid Handbook year onto one page. Also included is the Federal Student Aid Handbook Glossary, which provides a list of terms and their definitions found throughout both handbooks.
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The FSA Partner Connect Dashboard provides a quick, top-level overview of an organization’s current operational status with call outs for the most important information. This information includes a personalized header with the user’s role, tenure, and a picture as well as the date the user last logged in; Quick Links to frequently used sites; and a listing of upcoming Scheduled System Outages, Important Dates, What’s New, and FSA Twitter. School Users, School Third-Party Servicer Users, and ED Employee Users will also be presented notifications regarding important items and Summary Financials and Operations information.
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Student, Parent, Borrower Accounts

The Student, Parent, Borrower Accounts searches provide a simplified search functionality to easily access information about a student, parent, or borrower. There are three streamlined searches, including Account Search, Date Range Search, and Record ID Search. Depending on the user role, there are varying levels of access to the Student, Parent, Borrower Accounts area.
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Partner Search

Partner Search provides the ability to search and view information about a partner organization. With Release 1.0, FSA has launched the School Search and Profile, with additional profile types to come in future releases. The School Profile is organized to provide a user-friendly navigation through the different sections of school information. The School Profile also includes contact information and publicly available demographic information about the school, as well as eligibility, financial, and relationships information for a school. Depending on the user role, there are varying levels of access to a school’s profile.