Third Party Servicer

This page provides the most updated information pertaining to responsibilities and requirements for institutions of higher education that enter into contracts with third-party servicers. We encourage institutions to review the regulations governing an institution’s use of third-party servicers at 34 CFR. § 668.2 (definition of third-party servicer), 34 CFR § 668.23, and 34 CFR § 668.25.

Provides published regulations and Federal Register Notices pertaining to Third Party Servicers.

Provides the Department's guidance on Third-Party Servicers in Dear Colleague Letters and Electronic Announcements.

The answers to these Frequently Asked Questions provide information and guidance pertaining to third-party servicers. Institutions should review all applicable requirements and guidance to ensure that they are in compliance with the applicable third-party servicer requirements.

The listing of Frequently Asked Questions will be updated periodically and will include the date of the update. New and/or updated questions and answers will be marked NEW.

Provides upcoming training opportunities and links to previously held webinars and other training.

Provides links to resources with valuable information on Third-Party Servicers.

Published: 03/28/2021