Direct Loan Tools

Direct Loan (DL) Tools for Windows is a Windows-based software application designed to provide functionality related to Direct Loan schools’ software.

DL Tools offers the following functionality:

  • Compare the School Account Statement (SAS) to loans and actual disbursements recorded in EDExpress or an external file, and/or compare the SAS to the DL Tools Cash database.

  • Print the SAS in a readable format.

  • Track Cash Receipts (drawdowns) and Refunds of Cash

  • Rebuild your Direct Loan origination and disbursement records in EDExpress using an automated process.

  • Run the Disbursement Measurement Tool Report to help monitor Direct Loan records in your EDExpress database.

All Direct Loan schools can use the Compare and Cash Management functionality. The Rebuild function is used by schools to rebuild accepted Direct Loan records in EDExpress for Windows databases. However, non-EDExpress users can export data from a rebuilt EDExpress database to recreate non-EDExpress loans or databases.

To view Direct Loan Tools historical releases, click the link below. If you need historical materials that are not shown, submit a request on this Feedback page.

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Last Modified: 06/09/2021 • Published: 03/28/2021