HEAL Policy Memoranda source

Policy memoranda for the Health Education Assistance Loan (HEAL) Program that were posted by the Department of Health and Human Services from 1978 - 2012 are listed below and organized by category. Each category has a drop box listing the policy memoranda by ID number and title that are associated with that category. After selecting the memorandum needed, click on the Go button to open the document.


Bankruptcy   Top




Claims   Top




Data Submission   Top




Default Prevention   Top




Deferment   Top




Disability   Top




Exceptional Performance Standard   Top




Forbearance   Top




Forms   Top




General   Top




Interest Rate   Top




Judgment   Top




Lender   Top




Lender Audit   Top




Loan   Top




Low Balance   Top




Pre-Claims Assistance   Top




Refinancing   Top




School   Top




School Default Rate   Top




Skip   Top




Unable to Serve   Top




Published: 03/28/2021