Data Exchange

The Financial Partners channel, in cooperation with the GA and lender community, has implemented several on-line financial data exchange applications. The applications are designed to reduce costs associated with manually preparing and mailing paper documents and to improve the speed and accuracy of payments to and remittances from existing FFEL program participants. Below are documents to assist you in your efforts to exchange data with FSA.

If you don't have the Adobe Reader, download it by clicking on the link.

GAFR--Form 2000:


Federally-Insured Student Loan(FISL) Claims Request--ED Form 1207 [XLS - 1 page] (submitted to ED as needed) and an ED Form 1207 instructions document [WORD - 3 pages] is also available.

Submit hard copy ED Form 1207s to:

U.S. Department of Education

P.O. Box 4135

Greenville, TX 75403-4135

Published: 03/28/2021