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(NSLDS Record Layouts) Subject:The Default Loan Summary Report

Publication Date: August 26, 2002

Posted Date:October 6, 2005

Subject:The Default Loan Summary Report

Note: An updated record layout has been posted. Please refer to the November 21, 2011 NSLDS Record Layouts posting for the most recent record layout.

The Default Loan Summary Report is now available on the NSLDSFAP Web site. The Default Loan Summary Report (SCHDF1 for school users and SCHDF2 for ED users) provides users with a list of loans that have a defaulted loan status (DB, DL, DO, DT, DU, DW, DF or DZ) and a loan status date that falls within the requested date range and requested school code (OPEID). Users can select all loan programs or only one. The report includes student identifiers, loan identifiers, Guaranty Agency information, and lender information. It also includes the current loan status and up to three status codes from history. The report can be sorted by loan status date, Last Name, or Social Security Number. The information is available in a formatted report or an extract file. School users receive reports via their SAIG mailbox. The file layouts for the extract files are available at

Last Modified: 10/05/2005