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(NSLDS Guaranty Agency (GA) Technical Updates) GA-2002-07 Fiscal Year 2001 Cohort Default Rate Calculations

Publication Date: December 13, 2002

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Posted on 12-13-2002

United States Department of Education
Federal Student Aid
National Student Loan Data System

Fiscal Year 2001 Cohort Default Rate Calculations
Technical Update GA-2002-07

December 6, 2002

This information is intended for the person in your organization who is responsible for working with NSLDS. If that person is not you, please forward this update to the appropriate person.

Fiscal Year 2001 Cohort Default Rate Calculations

NSLDS will calculate draft and official fiscal year (FY) 2001 cohort default rates according to the following schedule:

Draft FY 2001 rates:

Calculate-January 11, 2003
Release-February 17, 2003

Official FY 2001 rates:

Calculate-August 2, 2003
Release-September 15, 2003

Please provide NSLDS with all changes that may affect these rates prior to these dates. Required updates to borrower records must be a part of your agency's regular monthly submittal. NSLDS will not be able to accommodate special guaranty agency (GA) submissions. Therefore, all cohort default rate corrections must be a part of your scheduled December or January submission for the draft rates, and July or August submission for official rates.

If you have any questions, please contact the NSLDS Customer Service Center at (800) 999-8219 or e-mail

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