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(NSLDS Guaranty Agency (GA) Technical Updates) GA-2002-05 Guaranty Agency Online Loan Update Training

Publication Date: June 10, 2002

Section: GA-2002-005


United States Department of Education
Federal Student Aid
National Student Loan Data System

Guaranty Agency Online Loan Update Training
Technical Update GA-2002-005
June 10, 2002

This information is intended for the person in your organization who is responsible for working with NSLDS. If that is not you, please forward this update to the appropriate person.

NSLDS Announces Online Updating For Guaranty Agencies

NSLDS is pleased to announce the arrival of a much-anticipated enhancement to our NSLDSFAP Web site: Online Loan Updating for Guaranty Agencies. This enhancement will improve your ability to respond quickly to schools and students when corrections or updates are needed that affect a student's eligibility. We expect to activate online updating around the end of July.

This powerful customer service tool gives agency representatives direct access to NSLDS. For this reason, the Department has instituted polices and procedures that will protect both the integrity and the security of NSLDS. Access to the online update functions will be limited to two people from each agency. These online users are expected to have comprehensive knowledge of your agency's internal systems and your NSLDS extract processes. NSLDS will require each user to complete a training course before granting them access to the online update functions.

NSLDS Brings Training to Your Desktop

To ensure that all users receive the required training, NSLDS will bring the training to your desktop. Using Internet conferencing through TEAMCALL, Guaranty agency staff and NSLDS trainers will be connected by telephone and their desktop PCs for an interactive training session. NSLDS has scheduled the online loan update training sessions for July 25, 2002 and July 30, 2002. Each session will last approximately three hours and will start at 12:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. Participants are asked to select one of the two dates.

NSLDS will need to establish the necessary set up for each of your online users before the training begins. Your agency must supply NSLDS with the names of your two users along with their NSLDS user IDs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses. In addition, please indicate which of the above dates you have chosen for training. You may email your information to or call 1-800-999-8219.

Once NSLDS has received the required information, TEAMCALL will email the participants a telephone conference number and pass-code, as well as the Internet link for set-up. It is very important that the set-up be tested before the training date. NSLDS will also mail each participant a training guide for the session at that time.

The training will include a short introduction to the online system, a demonstration of the Loan Summary and Loan Detail screens, a discussion of the online update pop-up boxes, and a series of case study exercises. Once your agency's NSLDS users have completed the training, they will be able to update loans held by your agency on the NSLDSFAP Web site. Users will not be given the authority to update loans online unless they complete the training.

NSLDS is excited about this opportunity to collaborate with its users in the guaranty agency community. Join us in making this NSLDS enhancement a success.

If you have any questions about the training, please contact Lisa Hanners at 703-560-5000
x4714 or email at