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(NSLDS Guaranty Agency (GA) Technical Updates) GA-2002-04 Payment of AMF and LPIF

Publication Date: May 17, 2002

Section: GA-2002-04

United States Department of Education
Federal Student Aid
National Student Loan Data System

Payment of AMF and LPIF
Technical Update GA-2002-04
May 17, 2002

This information is intended for the person in your organization who is responsible for working with NSLDS. If that is not you, please forward this update to the appropriate person.

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) calculates the Account Maintenance Fee (AMF) and the Loan Processing and Issuance Fee (LPIF) based on data resident within NSLDS. AMF is calculated on an annual basis 45 days after the end of the fiscal year and LPIF is calculated 45 days after the end of each fiscal quarter. Over the last year, Guaranty Agencies have been reconciling the AMF/LPIF results with agency records. Many agencies have tried to develop mechanisms for forecasting AMF/LPIF payments.

The process for determining which loans are used in the calculation has not changed in the last two fiscal years. This technical update, however, revisits the logic for each computation used by NSLDS as well as the corresponding file layouts associated with the back-up detail distributed to each agency after every calculation.

Computational Logic

Attachment 1 shows the computational logic ED uses to calculate AMF and LPIF payments. The logic for AMF has been updated to reflect the new loan status codes, which were implemented in 2001. The logic for LPIF has not changed since the first quarter of fiscal year 2000.

File Layout for Back-up Data

NSLDS distributes AMF and LPIF back-up data for your agency to use in its own internal reconciliation process. The data files your agency receives support the final summary information provided to ED's Financial Partner Channel Staff for fee calculations. The detail data files come directly from NSLDS Virtual Data Center in Meriden, Connecticut.

Attachment 2 contains the file layouts for both the AMF and LPIF back-up data files. Note that LPIF has two file layouts one is for back-up data for the quarter calculated and the other is a cumulative file starting with the first quarter fiscal year 2000 through the current calculation.

The external labels for the AMF and LPIF tapes, respectively, are:


For cartridges, the external labels are:



YY--Represents fiscal year to which back-up data is applied for fee calculations. For example:

  • 01 is used for calculations made for Fiscal Year 2001.

  • 02 is be used for calculations made for Fiscal Year 2002.

QQ--Represents fiscal quarter to which back-up data is applied for fee calculations. For example:

  • 01 is used for quarters ending on December 31.

  • 02 is be used for quarters ending on March 31.

  • 03 is used for quarters ending on June 31.

  • 04 issed for quarters ending on September 30.

###--Represents the applicable three-digit guaranty agency code for the tape or cartridge. For example:

  • A tape with the label NSLDS.OFFTAPE.LPIF0201.GA123 contains data used for calculating LPIF fees for GA 123 for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2002.

If you have any questions about the AMF or LPIF, please contact NSLDS Customer Service Center at (800) 999-8219, or e-mail them to


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