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(NSLDS Guaranty Agency (GA) Technical Updates) GA-2002-08 Edit Change to the Date of Loan Status Field

Publication Date: 2002-12-30

Section: GA-2002-08


Posted on 04-28-2003


United States Department of Education
Office of Federal Student Aid
National Student Loan Data System

NSLDS Guaranty Agency Data Provider Instructions
Edit Change to the Date of Loan Status Field
Technical Update GA-2--2-08

December 30, 2002

This information is intended for the person in your organization who is responsible for working with NSLDS. If that person is not you. please forward this update to the appropriate person.

Edit Change to the Date of Loan Status Field

The Date of Loan Status (field code 062) field can now accept loan status dates for statuses IG (In Grace Period) or IM (In Military Grace) up to 180 days prior to the Date of Guaranty. Previously, the effective date was required to be on or after the Date of Guaranty.

Please replace your old Date of Loan Status pages with the attached new change pages in Appendix A of your Guaranty Agency Data Provider Instructions.


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