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(Federal Perkins Technical Updates) The Perkins TEFFILOP

Publication Date: April 2002

Section: The Perkins TEFFILOP

Posted on April 16, 2002

The Perkins Threshold, Error Code, and Field Code (TEF) file, contains the software parameters for Load Error processing, error field names, and messages for processing of the Load Error file for schools or servicers that submit Perkins Loan data. This file was previously transmitted quarterly to the schools SAIG mailbox. The quarterly file contains any updates since the last file was sent. If schools needed a new file before the quarterly update was sent they would need to call and request it to be emailed or transmitted to their SAIG mailbox. By placing it on sfadownload it is now accessible for download at all times. Schools and/or servicers must ensure that they : "refresh" the TEF file on a quarterly basis.


Last Modified: 04/15/2002