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(Federal Perkins Data Provider Instructions) Table of Contents

PublicationDate: 7/23/99
ChapterTitle: Table of Contents


Introduction 1
About This Manual 1
Data Provider Responsibilities 1
Data Privacy 3
Data Accuracy and Timeliness 3
Perkins DataPrep Version 2 4
Extract Process Changes Needed by September 3, 1999 6
Full Extract Submissions—Report All Loans Every Month 6
Loans Closed Prior to October 1, 1989 6
Report Outstanding Principal Balances Monthly 7
Reporting Outstanding Principal Balances that are Less Than One Dollar 7
Unique Data Provider Loan ID 7
Changes Made to Trailer Record 7
What Is NSLDS? 8
What Are the NSLDS Functions? 9
Where Does NSLDS Data Come From? 12
NSLDS Users 14
Overview of the NSLDS Update Process 15
Files Used in the NSLDS Update Process 19
Getting Started 21
System Requirements 21
Estimated Required Disk Space 21
Setting Up Communications Links with NSLDS 22
Setting Up a Submittal Schedule 23
Initial Population 23
File Protection and Backups 23
Getting Help 24
Using Servicers 25
Multiple Schools or School Branches 26
Installing DataPrep for Windows-Based Users 26
Setting Up Viewers 28
Installing DataPrep for OS/390 LE-Based Users 30
Install the Unload JCL That Unloads the Tape 30
The Unload JCL 31
Run the Unload Tape JCL 31
Running Test Files 32
Testing Load Processing Error Reports 37
Step 1: The Extract File 42
Creating the Database Extract File 42
Header Record 42
Detail Records 42
Standards and Conventions 43
Extract File Attributes 44
Past Period Changes 45
Changing Existing Records 46
Changing Student and Loan Identifiers—Keys 46
Types of Identifiers 46
Fields and Loan Identifiers 46
Student Identifiers 47
Loan Identifiers 47
Changing Identifiers to Multiple Records 48
Changing Non-Identifier Data—Values 49
Determining whether Data Is Current or Historical 49
Checking History Online 50
Changing Event Dates 50
Changing Event Values 51
Changing Both Value and Date 51
Deleting Data with History 52
Update Examples 52
Key Date Change 52
Change in Value 53
Changing Both Value and Date 53
Step 2: Running Extract Validation 54
What Happens in Extract Validation? 54
DataPrep Error Path 56
File-Level Edits 57
Domain-Level Edits 57
Running Extract Validation on a PC 58
Extract Validation 59
Output 60
Validation Log 60
Using the Information from the Validation Log File 62
Explanation of Your Extract Validation Process 63
Extract File Summary Data 66
Records Processed 66
Loan Record Summary 66
Extract Validation for Mainframes (OS/390 LE-Based Users) 67
Step 3: Generating and Using the Extract Error Report 68
The Extract Error File 68
Summary Report or Detail Report 69
Selection Criteria 70
Updating Selection Criteria 70
Adding Selection Criteria 71
Steps to Add Selection Criteria 72
Example 1: One Criterion 72
Example 2: Two Criteria 73
Steps to Add Selection Variable 74
Example 3: A Variable Criterion 75
Selection Criteria Comparisons’ Syntax 77
Comparisons 77
Comparison Parameters 78
Compare Parameters 78
Examples 79
Sorting Options 80
Updating Sort Options 80
Steps to Add Sort Parameters 82
Error Reports 83
Generating Error Reports for Mainframes (OS/390 LE-Based Users) 84
Summary Report Sorting 84
Detail Report Sorting 84
Using the Extract Summary Error Report 85
Using the Extract Detail Error Report 85
Domain—Level Errors 86
Numeric Field Error 86
Invalid Date Error 87
Missing Identifier 87
Missing New Identifier 87
Reviewing the Extract File 88
Sorting Options & Selection Criteria 89
Step 4: Sending the Submittal File 90
The Submittal File 90
Sending the Submittal File 90
Unsuccessful Transmissions 90
Submitting Concatenated Files 90
Tape/Cartridge Submittal Procedures 91
Step 5: The NSLDS Load Process 92
Error Submittal Summary Notification File 94
Record-Level Edits 95
Duplicate Stripping 95
Data Field Edits 95
Y2K/Reasonability Edits 95
Load-Level Edits 96
Invalid Codes 96
Identifier Conflicts 96
Date Sequence Errors 97
Step 6: Using the Load Process Error File to Correct Your Database 98
The Load Process Error File 98
Retrieving the TEF File 98
Importing Files 99
Importing the TEF File 99
Importing the Load Process Error File 100
Importing the Loan Detail File 101
Generating the Load Process Error Report for Windows Users 102
Generating the Error Report for OS/390 LE Users 104
Record-Level Edits 104
Y2K Errors 105
Reasonability Errors 105
Load-Level Errors 105
Correcting Data Field Errors 106
Correcting Date Sequence Errors 106
Correcting Identifier Conflicts 106
Loan Detail Report 108
Backing Up Your Files 110
Final Thoughts 113
Appendix A: Federal Perkins Loans Data Dictionary

Introduction A-1
Indexes A-3
Table A–1: Header: List of Federal Perkins Loans Data Elements (Sorted by Position in Database Extract File) A-3
Table A–2: Detail: List of Federal Perkins Loans Data Elements (Sorted by Position in Database Extract File) A-4
Table A–3: Detail: List of Federal Perkins Loans Data Elements (Sorted by Field Code Number in Database Extract File) A-6
Table A–4: Detail: List of Federal Perkins Loans Data Elements (Sorted Alphabetically by Field Name in Database Extract File) A-8
Table A–5: Trailer: List of Federal Perkins Loans Data Elements (Sorted by Position in Submittal File) A-10
Header Record Layouts A-11
Detail Record Layouts A-22
Trailer Record Layouts A-106
Appendix B: Federal Perkins Loan Code Tables
Introduction B-1
Table B–1: Loan Type Codes B-2
Table B–2: Loan Status Codes B-3
Table B–3: Closed Loan Status Codes B-11
Table B–4: Enrollment Status Codes B-12
Table B–5: Deferment Type Codes B-13
Table B–6: Cancellation Type Codes B-14
Table B–7: Perkins Commercial Servicer Codes (NSLDS ID) B-15
Table B–8: Detail Record Errors (Sorted by Error Code Number) B-16
Table B–9: Detail Record Errors (Sorted by Field Code Number) B-24
Table B–10: PC Version—File Level and Header Error Messages B-32
Table B–11: Mainframe (OS/390 LE) Version—File Level and Header Error Messages B-34
Appendix C: Past Period Change Record Layout
Introduction C–1
Header Record C–1
Detail Record Identifiers C–1
Record Type Indicator C–1
PPC Detail Records C–2
Indexes C–3
Table C-1: PPC Detail Record Layout (Sorted by Field Code) C–3
Table C-2: PPC Detail Record Layout (Sorted by Field Name) C–4
Table C-3: PPC Detail Record Layout (Sorted by Position) C–5
PPC Events C–6
PPC Event Cancellation C–6
PPC Event Current School C–10
PPC Event Deferment C–11
PPC Event Disbursement C–16
PPC Event Loan Status C–18
PPC Event School Servicer C–22
PPC Event Student Status C–26
Appendix D: Federal Perkins Loans Load Error File (Record Layouts)
Introduction D–1
Table D–1: Error Record D–2
Table D–2: SSN Conflict Error Record D–4
Appendix E: Federal Perkins Loans TEF File Layout
Introduction E–1
Table E-1: TEF Record E–2
Appendix F: Error Submittal Summary Notification File
Introduction F–1
Table F-1: Error Submittal Summary Notification File Layout F–2
Table F-2: Corrective Actions for Error Submittal Summary Notification File F–5
Appendix G: DataPrep JCL for OS390/LE
Introduction G–1
Step 1: JCL for Installation G–1
Step 2. JCL for the Unload Tape G–2
Step 3: JCL for DataPrep Extract Validation G–6
Step 4: JCL for NSLDS DataPrep Reporting G–15
Appendix H: Glossary of Terms
Appendix I: Technical Updates


Figure 1, Sources of NSLDS Data 13
Figure 2, Outflow of NSLDS Information 14
Figure 3, Data Provider Six Step Process 17
Figure 4, DataPrep Processing Flow for Extract Validation and Error Report Generation 18
Figure 5, NSLDS Edit Process 20
Figure 6, Directories Dialog Box 27
Figure 7, DataPrep Main Menu with Options Menu Selected 28
Figure 8, DataPrep Main Menu with Options/Viewers Selected 29
Figure 9, Viewer Maintenance Dialog Box 29
Figure 10, DataPrep Main Menu with Extract Validation Selected 32
Figure 11, Validate Extract Dialog Box 33
Figure 12, Extract Validation Was Successful 33
Figure 13, Log Report Dialog Box 34
Figure 14, Sample Log Report 34
Figure 15, Test Summary Error Report 35
Figure 16, Extract Validation Successful 36
Figure 17, Error Reports Load Processing Screen 38
Figure 18, Summary Error Report Message Box 38
Figure 19, Sample Summary Error Report 39
Figure 20, Backup Files Dialog Box 40
Figure 21, New Backup File Folder Dialog Box 40
Figure 22, Backup Files Dialog Box 41
Figure 23, List Backup Files Dialog Box 41
Figure 24, PPC Events, Keys, and Values 45
Figure 25, Past Period Change Example 1: Change to Both Value and Date 51
Figure 26, Past Period Change Example 2, Change to Key Date 52
Figure 27, Past Period Change Example 3, Change in Value 53
Figure 28, Past Period Change Example 4: Change in Key Date and Value 53
Figure 29, Extract Validation Process 55
Figure 30, DataPrep Edit Process 56
Figure 31, DataPrep Main Menu with Extract Validation Selected 58
Figure 32, Validate Extract Dialog Box 58
Figure 33, File Information Dialog Box 59
Figure 34, Validation Extract Processing Status 60
Figure 35, DataPrep Main Menu with Log Report Selected 61
Figure 36, Log Reports Dialog Box 61
Figure 37, Validation Log 62
Figure 38, Failed Validate Extract Status Screen 64
Figure 39, DataPrep Main Menu with Error Report Selected 68
Figure 40, Error Reports Dialog Box 69
Figure 41, File Information Message Box 69
Figure 42, Main Menu Selection Criteria Option 70
Figure 43, Selection Criteria Dialog Box 71
Figure 44, Selection Criteria Edit Dialog Box 71
Figure 45, Selection Criteria Edit Screen 72
Figure 46, Selection Criteria Edit Screen 73
Figure 47, Selection Variable Edit Dialog Box 74
Figure 48, Selection Variable Edit Dialog Box 75
Figure 49, Selection Criteria Edit Dialog Box 76
Figure 50, Main Menu Sort Parameter Option 80
Figure 51, Sort Parameters Dialog Box 81
Figure 52, Sort Parameter Edit Dialog Box 81
Figure 53, Sort Parameter Edit Dialog Box 82
Figure 54, Sort Parameter Edit Dialog Box 83
Figure 55, Summary Error Report Message Box 83
Figure 56, Sample Summary Extract Error Report–No Sort 85
Figure 57, Sample Detail Extract Error Report–Error Code Sort 86
Figure 58, DataPrep Main Menu with Loan Detail Report Selected 88
Figure 59, Loan Detail Reports Dialog Box 88
Figure 60, File Information Message Box 89
Figure 61, NSLDS Load Process 93
Figure 62, DataPrep Main Menu 99
Figure 63, Importing the TEF File. 100
Figure 64, Importing the TEF File. 100
Figure 65, File Transfer Screen — Loan Detail File 101
Figure 66, DataPrep Main Menu with Error Report Selected 102
Figure 67, Error Reports—Load Processing 103
Figure 68, Load Process Error Report 103
Figure 69, DataPrep Main Menu, Loan Detail Report 108
Figure 70, Loan Detail Report Screen 109
Figure 71, Sample Loan Detail Report 109
Figure 72, DataPrep Main Menu with File Backup Selected 110
Figure 73, Backup Files Dialog Box 111
Figure 74, New Backup File Folder Screen 111
Figure 75, Moving and Copying Files to Backup Folders 112
Figure 76, List Backup Files Screen 112
Figure 77, File Information Dialog Box 113

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