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Subject: Verification Worksheets

Posted Date:January 3, 2011

Subject: Verification Worksheets

Attached are both the Dependent and Independent 2011-2012 Verification Worksheets in PDF format. The use of the federal verification worksheets is not required. An institution may use a worksheet of its own design, or no worksheet at all. An institution may also require other documentation in addition to, or instead of, a completed verification worksheet.

Note: If an applicant or parent used the IRS Data Retrieval Tool and the value of the IRS Request Flag reported on the ISIR is ‘02’ (IRS data for the student/parent was returned from the IRS and was not changed by the user), the ISIR data may be treated as acceptable documentation by the institution for verification of “Adjusted Gross Income” and “U.S. Income Tax Paid”. As a result, a copy of the 2010 IRS Form would not be required to be submitted to verify these two items.

Last Modified: 01/02/2011