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() Summary: New COD Website Functionality

Publication Date: November 2002

Bulletin ID: DLB-02-37


Summary: New COD Website Functionality


Posted on 11-18-2002

November 2002


Subject: New COD Website Functionality

Dear Partner:

This bulletin provides information to all COD website users - including schools, vendors, third party servicers, and others -- that do not have log-on access to the COD website,

All COD website users can now perform School and Batch Searches without logging on to the COD site.At the Welcome page, there are two buttons at the top bar: School Search and Batch Search. By clicking on School Search, users can enter a school ID or school name and view basic information about the school, such as school name and address, FAA contacts, and some summary financial information by program type (Pell or Direct Loan). By clicking on Batch Search, users can enter a school ID and date range, or a specific Batch ID, to view the status of a particular batch along with the number of records that have been accepted, rejected, and corrected. �

Please note that the Privacy Act restricts access to student or borrower specific information to those COD website users with log-on access. Student or borrower specific information includes name, SSN, date of birth, and individual award data.

Additionally, all COD Website users are now able to view the Daily COD Processing Updates without logging into the COD site. At the Welcome page, there are two links for the COD Processing Update. These read:

§ Click here for today's Direct Loan and Pell News Update

§ Click here for today's Pell Grants News Update

When a link is chosen, a new browser window will appear containing the current COD Processing Update.

If you do not have log-on access to the COD Website and would like to sign up for a User ID and Password, please refer to the IFAP Posting:

If you have additional questions regarding this new COD functionality, please contact the COD School Relations Center at 800/848-0978, or e-mail Thank you for your ongoing support of the Direct Loan Program.


Jane Holman
Acting Director, Title IV Delivery
Schools Channel