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() Summary: Instructions to stop receipt of the 732 Report

Publication Date: March 1, 2002

Bulletin ID: DLB-02-05


Summary: Instructions to stop receipt of the 732 Report


March 2002


Subject: Instructions to stop receipt of the 732 Report

Dear Partner:

Schools may request to no longer have the 732 Report transmitted to them for a program year for which they have obtained a zero ending cash balance. This request can be done through the Loan Origination web site. Please follow the steps below to disable the 732 Report.

Schools that still have a cash balance MUST receive either the DLSAS or the 732 Report. One of these reports must be enabled and received at your school.

  1. Visit the Loan Origination web site at
  1. Once connected, you will see the login screen. At the prompts, enter your Login ID and Password. Click the Login button.
  1. At the Main Menu, click the Maintain Batch Report Options tab on the left hand side of the menu.
  1. At the Batch Report Option Selection screen, enter the four items of information.

4a. Click the designation of your school code, G or E.

4b. Enter your school code number that follows the G or E designation.

4c. Select the desired report from the Report Name drop down box, in this case, the 732 Report.

4d. Select one of the four options from the Options drop down box, in this case, choose Disable.

4e. Click on the Search button.

  1. This will bring up the Batch Report Disable Selection screen. In the bottom half of the screen, click each box of the program year(s) that you want to disable. NOTE: You may choose more than one program year, if applicable. You will still receive the report for the year(s) that you do not select to disable.
  1. Log off the system.

If you have any questions about these instructions, please contact your Customer Service Representative at the Loan Origination Center at 1-800-848-0978.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in the Direct Loan Program.




Jane Holman

Acting Director, Title IV Delivery

Schools Channel