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() Summary: Final Dates for 1999-2000 Program Year Processing

Publication Date: February 2002

Bulletin ID: DLB-02-02

Summary: Final Dates for 1999-2000 Program Year Processing

February 2002


Subject: Final Dates for 1999-2000 Program Year Processing

Dear Partner:

The Direct Loan Operations team (DLOPS) has begun finalizing the closeout activities for the 1999-2000 Program Year. We thank those schools that have successfully completed processing and have closed out the year.

The Loan Origination Center (LOC) will no longer accept records for the 1999-2000 program year as of 7:00 PM central time, Friday, March 8, 2002. If your school has outstanding issues or a cash balance, please make sure to resolve these issues by this date. The 732 Report and DLSAS report for this year will continue to be run as scheduled and will be sent until further notice.

Schools with negative balances must resolve the balance by March 8, 2002. If the negative balance on your school’s 732 Report and DLSAS agrees with your school records, please complete the attached form and return the form to DLOPS via fax. The fax number is 202-275-3476. Please do NOT request these funds through GAPS. If your school records do not agree with the negative ending cash balance reflected on the 732 Report or the DLSAS, please contact your Client Account Manager or your Customer Service Representative for assistance in identifying and resolving outstanding issues.

If you have any questions about this bulletin or need assistance with reconciliation issues, please contact any of the following resources: your regional Client Account Manager, your Customer Service Representative at the LOC at 800-848-0978 or Isiah Dupree at 202-377-3137.

Thank you for your continued attention to the reconciliation process and thank you for your ongoing partnership in the Direct Loan Program.


Jane Holman
Acting Director, Title IV Delivery
Schools Channel

U.S. Department of Education
Student Financial Assistance
1999-2000 Final Drawdown Request Form

Date: ________________________________

School: ________________________________

G-code: ________________________________

Amount: ________________________________

Name School Official (Print): ________________________________

Title _________________________________

Signature ________________________________

Telephone: _________________________________

By completing this form, you are authorizing that you have confirmed and documented that this money is due to you. Please complete and return only this form via FAX at 202/275-3476 to the attention of Isiah Dupree. Direct Loan Operations will request the funds on your behalf. Thank you.