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Required Documentation

AwardYear: 1998 - 1998
ChapterNumber: 2
ChapterTitle: Required Verification Items And Acceptable Documentation
Section: Required Documentation
PageNumber: 1

For each required verification item, specific documentation is required, and you have the authority to require students to provide such documentation. As an aid in completing the verification process, ED has developed verification worksheets specifically designed to obtain most of the documentation needed. You may reproduce the 1998-99 worksheets without limitation, and they are available through a variety of sources: in Action Letter #3 (GEN-97-13, November 1997); through EDExpress; from the SFA BBS; from ED’s Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) website at

When a student completes a verification worksheet and attaches the appropriate tax forms or alternative documents (discussed later), usually you will have enough data to complete the verification process. Using a verification worksheet, therefore, simplifies the task of collecting and examining a student’s documentation.

However, use of the federal worksheets is not required. You may use a worksheet of your own design, or no worksheet at all; you may require other documentation in addition to, or instead of, a completed verification worksheet. The chart below shows other forms of acceptable documentation for each required verification item. Later in this chapter, these other documents are discussed in detail.

Using a Verification Worksheet

If you require your students to complete verification worksheets, you must provide the worksheets to your students. Upon completing the appropriate worksheet and attaching a copy of the relevant income tax returns or alternative documents, students should submit the documents to the school, not to ED or to the FAFSA processor through which they applied. The school should make sure that all required worksheet sections are completed and appropriately signed and that the relevant tax returns or alternative documents are attached. As explained later in this section, copies (such as photocopies, faxes, digital images, etc.) of worksheets, tax returns, or other documentation are acceptable. Unless specifically noted in this guide, an original signature—that is, a handwritten pen-and-ink signature that has not been copied—is not required. After checking the documentation against the student’s application data, you may either disburse the student’s award or make the necessary corrections and updates. (See Chapter 3 of this guide, “Completing The Verification Process.”)

1998 - 1999 Verification Worksheet (Dependent Student)

1998 - 1999 Verification Worksheet (Independent Student)

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