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The "School Use Only" Box

AwardYear: 1998-1999
Edition: PostSecondary
Part: 2 - - The Application Process
SectionTitle: The "School Use Only" Box

PageNumbers: 25

The "School Use Only" Box

The School Use Only box on the SAR enables the FAA to tell the CPS when he or she has adjusted a SAR line item or when he or she has changed a student's dependency status. There are four common scenarios:

1 The FAA has the student correct a line item on the SAR. The FAA doesn't need to make any notation; the student must correct the SAR and mail it to the CPS.

2 The FAA makes a professional judgment adjustment to one of the line items on the SAR. He or she must check the box labeled "FAA EFC Adjustment" to let the CPS know that the change was an adjustment rather than a correction to a line item.

3 The FAA corrects a data element on the SAR and adjusts a different data element. An FAA should always report a combination of changes as an adjustment. He or she should check the box labeled "FAA EFC Adjustment."

4 The FAA uses the SAR to change a student's dependency status. He or she should check the appropriate dependency override box.

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Whenever an FAA is indicating changes in the School Use Only box, he or she must fill in the school's Title IV School Code and sign his or her name.

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