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Sources of Additional Information

AwardYear: 1997-1998
Edition: PostSecondary
Part: Appendix A--Sources of Additional information
SectionTitle: Sources of Additional Information

PageNumbers: 83-86

Sources of Additional Information

For information on any federal student financial aid programs
discussed in this handbook, you or your students may call the

Federal Student Aid Information Center

1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243)--a toll-free number

TDD (1-800-730-8913)--a toll-free number for the hearing impaired

9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (eastern time), Monday through Friday

The Information Center provides the following services:

- helping complete the federal student aid application form (the

- explaining the SAR and how to make corrections,

- checking on whether a school participates in federal student aid

- explaining who is eligible for federal student aid,

- explaining how federal student aid is awarded and paid,

- explaining the verification process, and

- mailing requested publications.

To check on the status of a financial aid application or to request a
duplicate SAR, call the Information Center at 319-337-5665.

Please note that the Information Center number is not toll free and
cannot accept collect calls.

The Information Center is not able to

- make policy,

- expedite the federal student aid application process,

- discuss a student's federal student aid file with an unauthorized

- change a student's file, or

- influence an individual school's financial aid policies.

If you or a student suspect fraud, waste, or abuse involving federal
student aid funds, you should call the toll-free hotline of the U.S.
Department of Education's Inspector General's office at
1-800-MIS-USED (1-800-647-8733)

A student's initial sources of information on federal student aid
should be the 1997-98 Student Guide (see the annotated listing
that follows),
the instructions in the federal aid application booklet,
high school counselors, and postsecondary school financial aid administrators.

If you or your students have access to the World Wide Web (WWW)
through the Internet or an online service, you may be interested in
the Department's WWW site. This site is under development; it
currently provides general information about the Department and
access to some of the Department's publications. The address is:

Currently, both the 1996-97 Student Guide and Preparing Your Child
for College
are available at this address. We expect to have the 1997-
98 Student Guide
and other publications available soon.

1997-98 Student Guide--This is a free booklet giving federal
student financial aid application information and describing the
U.S. Department of Education's major financial aid programs.
Individual copies are available from:

Federal Student Aid Information Center
P.O. Box 84
Washington, DC 20044

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Formulas 1997-98--A free
booklet explaining the need analysis formula enacted by Congress
that produces the EFC; it also contains worksheets. It is available

Federal Student Aid Information Center
P.O. Box 84
Washington, DC 20044

School Shopping Tips--This is a free guide to choosing a school
carefully. It suggests specific things to look for when choosing a
school and a career. It is available from:

Federal Student Aid Information Center
P.O. Box 84
Washington, DC 20044

AWARE Early Awareness Software--A free PC-based interactive
software program designed to provide early information to middle
school and high school students about postsecondary education
opportunities, attendance costs, and the availability of financial
aid. Indicate whether you want to receive a 5 1/4" diskette or a
3 1/2" diskette. It is available from:

U.S. Department of Education
Application and Pell Processing Systems Division - AWARE
ROB-3, Room 4621 MS 5454
600 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202

Need a Lift?--The 45th edition (1996 issue) of this publication
contains a survey of educational opportunities, loans, scholarships,
and careers. It is available for $3 from:

The American Legion
National Emblem Sales
P.O. Box 1055
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Preparing Your Child for College: A Resource Book for Parents--
A free booklet that provides information on academic and
financial preparation necessary to attend college. It is available

Consumer Information Center
Department 510-B
Pueblo, CO 81009
(719) 948-3334

Make it Happen!--A step-by-step guide to college for students in
grades 8 through 12. It is available for $1 for a single copy
(multiple copies require an additional charge) from:

Higher Education Information Center
Youth Programs Department
330 Stuart Street, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 426-0681, ext. 239

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