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Alternate EFC values on output document (chart)

AwardYear: 1997-1998
Edition: PostSecondary
Part: 2 - - The application process for financial aid
SectionTitle: Alternate EFC values on output document (chart)

PageNumbers: 36

Alternate EFC values on output document (chart)

Alternate EFCs for other than nine month enrollment

To help schools calculate the Expected Family Contribution
(EFC) for students who are enrolled for more or less than nine
months, the CPS prints a grid with12 alternate EFC figures for
enrollments of 1 to 12 months. (If a dependent student who was
eligible for the simplified needs test completed the supplemental
data on the financial aid application, 24 EFCs are printed, for
both the simplified and regular calculations.)

When alternate EFCs must be used

The alternate EFC figures printed on an output document or
record are the official EFCs for students in enrollment periods
other than nine months. If a student is enrolled for more or less
than nine months, the alternate EFC for that period of enrollment
must be used when awarding aid from the campus-based or
FFEL Programs. The alternate EFCs are not used for the Federal
Pell Grant Program.

Location of alternate EFC

Alternate 1 to 12 month EFCs for students are printed in the FAA
Information Section on the SAR, above the intermediate values.
If both the simplified and regular formulas are used, the alternate
EFCs are printed in two rows. The top row is always based on the
simplified formula.


TI -- Total Income
AI -- Available Income
PC -- Parents' Contribution
ATI -- Allowances Against Total Income
DNW -- Discretionary Net Worth
AAI -- Adjusted Available Income
APA -- Asset Protection Allowance
TSC -- Total Student's Contribution
SIC -- Student's Income Contribution
IPA -- Income Protection Allowance
PCA -- Parents' Contribution from Assets
SCA -- Student Contribution from Assets
EA -- Employment Allowance
STX -- State and Other Tax Allowance
CAI -- Contribution from Available Income
TPC -- Total Parents' Contribution

Last Modified: 08/20/1998