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Verifying Total Income

AwardYear: 1997-1998
ChapterNumber: 4
ChapterTitle: Discretionary Verification
Section: Verifying Total Income

If the applicant's reported AGI (or income earned from work) is so
low that you doubt the family could have lived on that amount, you
may wish to verify total income, although required verification does
include some of the components of total income. Total income is the
sum of AGI (or income earned from work), Social Security Benefits,
AFDC, and other untaxed income. (See Worksheet #2 in the FAFSA
instructions for a list of other income that must be reported.)

A Tip for Verifying Total Income
Often, when a student is asked to explain how bills are paid,
unreported sources of income are discovered. Ask how much
monthly housing and utility bills are and from what income source
they are paid. Also ask about food costs, medical bills, and car

Last Modified: 07/29/1998