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Making Corrections

AwardYear: 1997-1998
ChapterNumber: 3
ChapterTitle: Completing the Verification Process
Section: Making Corrections

If a student's data need correcting, you may have the student submit
the SAR for reprocessing without doing anything yourself. As
mentioned in the previous section, however, you may choose to
determine whether the errors fall within the tolerance so that you will
know in advance whether those errors will affect the student's award.
This section explains your OPTIONS IF YOU WANT TO
AUTOMATICALLY have the student submit the SAR for

Correcting for the Federal Pell Grant Program

If you have determined the errors either will not change or will
increase the scheduled award, you may pay the student based on the
original EFC; reprocessing is not required.

If the errors will increase the award, and you WISH TO PAY the
student based on the increase, the data must be corrected and
reprocessed. Corrections are made either on Part 2 of the SAR or
through the electronic corrections process. You may either withhold
payment until the reprocessed EFC is received or make a first
payment based on the original EFC, adjusting the second payment
upon receipt of the reprocessed EFC.

[[The graphic "Pell Corrections Choices" is currently unavailable for
viewing. Please reference your paper document for additional

If the student's scheduled award will decrease, the data must be
corrected and reprocessed, and you must withhold payment until you
receive the reprocessed EFC. (For details on first payments, see the
Counselor's Handbook.)

Submitting a Correction

To receive a Federal Pell Grant, students must correct their
application data through the CPS (i.e., through the EDE system or
with a SAR). The processor must receive all corrections by
AUGUST 14, 1998; no corrections will be accepted after this date.
(The EDE system deadline Student's application is incorrect (not
within tolerance) is the same; the school must transmit electronic
corrections by August 14, 1998.)

Correcting for Campus-Based, Direct Loan, and Federal Stafford

Students' corrected data must be received by either processor by
August 14, 1998. (The same deadline applies to EDE corrections.)

If a campus-based, Direct Loan, or Federal Stafford Loan applicant's
data are incorrect and the tolerance does not apply, you may choose
to recalculate the student's EFC or you may require the student to
correct the application and submit it for reprocessing to the CPS. If
your recalculation is incorrect, you will be liable for any resulting
overpayment. If recalculation shows the EFC is unchanged, you may
award campus-based aid or federal student loans based on the
original EFC.

If recalculation changes the EFC, you may award campus-based aid
or federal student loans based on your recalculation, but you may be
liable for any overpayment that occurs because you incorrectly
recalculated the applicant's EFC. As already mentioned, if you
choose not to recalculate the EFC, you may have the applicant
correct the data and submit it for reprocessing to the CPS.

Last Modified: 07/29/1998