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Section B "Education Background"

AwardYear: 1996-1997
Edition: PostSecondary
Part: 3 - - Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
SectionTitle: Section B "Education Background"

PageNumbers: 65

PURPOSE: This section of the FAFSA collects information on the
educational background of a student and his or her parents. Some state
agencies use this information to award grants and scholarships.

Questions 20 and 21 ask whether a student has a high school diploma
or a GED.

Questions 22 and 23 ask for the highest grade level completed by a
student's father and mother. Father and mother in these questions
mean the student's birth parents, adoptive parents, or legal
guardian(s), but not stepparents or foster parents. Note that this
definition of parents is unique to this question.

Last Modified: 06/28/1998