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Using the Secondary EFC

AwardYear: 1996-1997
Edition: PostSecondary
Part: 2 - - The application process for financial aid
SectionTitle: Using the Secondary EFC

PageNumbers: 50

If the student qualifies for the simplified needs test, the CPS
calculates an EFC based on a simplified formula, which does not use
assets or certain offsets. If a student who qualifies for the simplified
needs test fills out the supplemental data on the application, two
EFCs (a primary EFC and a secondary EFC) are printed on the SAR.

The simplified formula EFC is the primary EFC and is printed on the
front of Parts 1 and 2 of the SAR. Both the primary EFC and the
secondary EFC (calculated by including the supplemental data) are
printed at the top of the "School Use Only" boxes.

The need to use the Secondary EFC should be very rare. If you need
to use the Secondary EFC in determining the student's Federal Pell
Grant, you must indicate this when you report the payment through
EDE, RDE, or the Floppy Disk Data Exchange.

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