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Mastering the "School Use Only" box (chart)

AwardYear: 1996-1997
Edition: PostSecondary
Part: 2 - - The application process for financial aid
SectionTitle: Mastering the "School Use Only" box (chart)

PageNumbers: 45

The " School Use Only" box on the SAR enables you to tell the CPS
when you have adjusted a line item on the SAR or when you have
changed a student's dependency statues. There are four common

1 You have the student correct a line item on the Student Aid
Report. You don't need to make any notation--simply have the
student correct the SAR and mail it to the FAFSA processor.

2 You make an adjustment to one of the line item s on the Student
Aid Report. Check box labeled "FAA EFC Adjustment" to let
the processor know that the change was an adjustment rather
than a correction to the line item.

3 You correct a data element on the Student Aid Report, and you
adjust a different data element. A combination of changes
should always be reported as an adjustment. Check the box
labeled "FAA EFC Adjustment."

4 You use the Student Aid Report to change a student's
dependency status. Check the appropriated dependency
override box.

Whenever you are indicating changes in the "School Use Only" box,
you must fill in your school's Title IV Institution, number and sign
your name.

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