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Electronic Data Exchange (EDE) Services (summary)

AwardYear: 1996-1997
Edition: PostSecondary
Part: 2 - - The application process for financial aid
SectionTitle: Electronic Data Exchange (EDE) Services (summary)

PageNumbers: 27-28

Each part of the delivery process has an electronic equivalent, from
filing a financial aid application to reporting a Federal Pell Grant
payment. The services offered under EDE can significantly speed up
the application, corrections, and reporting processes. EDE services
are provided as a part of the Department's contract for the Title IV
Wide Area Network (WAN). For more information on the WAN
contact: Title IV WAN Customer Service at 1-800-615-1189.


Instead of mailing an application to the Federal Student Aid
Programs, the student or financial aid administrator uses a personal
computer or mainframe terminal at the school to send application
information electronically to the Central Processor. The student's
EFC will be available to the school on the EDE system within three
working days from the date of submission.

Students who applied in the previous award year may update their
application for the current award year, on an electronic Renewal

FAFSA Express is also an electronic application process and is likely
to replace initial EDE applications, since schools will not have to
keep using paper. The number to contact for more information on
FAFSA Express is 1-800-801-0576.


A school that participates in EDE can receive application data for all
students who have listed that school on their applications. In
addition, with the student's permission, and his or her Personal
Identification Number (PIN) which is printed on the SAR, a school
may add or change its institution number and receive electronic
ISIRs for students who did not originally list that institution on the

Schools also have the option of receiving data on magnetic tape or
cartridge, through the Applicant Data Roster and Tape Service. For
more information, contact the Customer Service Department for
Applicant Data Services at (319) 339-6444.

State agencies are able to receive student data for students residing in
their state and for students who list on their applications schools in
their state.


The student may correct his or her information electronically through
EDE at the institution, instead of using Part 2 of the hard-copy SAR.


A school may submit payment information for students who receive
Federal Pell Grants electronically through EDE. (Part 3 of the SAR,
the Payment Voucher, has been eliminated.)

The Electronic Payment Information section allows schools to
transmit and receive Federal Pell Grant payment data electronically
using record and data descriptions similar to those used for Recipient
Data Exchange (RDE). For more information, contact the Pell Grant
User Support Hotline on (202) 708-9141.

Schools also have the option of submitting payment data via
magnetic tape or cartridge (RDE) or PC diskette (the Floppy Disk
Data Exchange). For RDE mainframe technical support and
questions on rejected tapes, call (202) 708-6832. For questions on
RDE participation, please call (202) 708-7725.

For more information on the Floppy Disk Data Exchange, call the
Pell Grant User Support Hotline on (202) 708-9141.

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