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Verifying Number Enrolled in Postsecondary Education

AwardYear: 1995-1996
ChapterNumber: 2
ChapterTitle: Required Verification Items And Acceptable Documentation
Section: Verifying Number Enrolled in Postsecondary Education

For federal student aid purposes, an applicant may include in this
number only those individuals who are counted in the household
size and who will be attending a postsecondary educational
institution AT LEAST HALF TIME (6 credit hours per term for at
least one term or 12 clock hours per week) between July 1, 1995 and
June 30, 1996. (Such students must be working toward a degree or
certificate leading to a recognized educational credential at an
eligible Title IV school.)

If the applicant completed a verification worksheet, no further
documentation for this item is required. However, in lieu of the
worksheet, you should require a statement signed by the applicant
and spouse (for independent students), or by the applicant and at
least one of the applicant's parents (for dependent students).

The statement should include the names and ages of those enrolled
and the names of the institution(s) they plan to attend. (The
statement to verify the number enrolled in a postsecondary
educational institution may be combined with the household size
statement.) If you still have reason to doubt the enrollment
information reported, you should require the student to obtain
documentation from the other students and postsecondary
institutions listed. (If a student in question has not yet registered,
such documentation from the institution may not be available.)

When Verification of Number Enrolled in Postsecondary Education
Is Not Required

As with household size, you do not have to require the student to
verify the number enrolled in a postsecondary educational institution
in any of the following instances:

- if the student's valid federal output document (SAR or ISIR--see
definitions on p. 4) is received within 90 days of the date that
the application was signed

- if the reported number enrolled is one (the applicant only)

- if the family members listed by the applicant are enrolled at
least half time at your school and you have confirmed their
enrollment through your own records

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