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Appendix B: State Agencies

AwardYear: 1994-1995
Edition: PostSecondary
SectionTitle: Appendix B: State Agencies


Listed below for each state, are the agencies responsible for
administering the SSIG, Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarship, Robert
C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Programs, and the National Science
Scholars Program (NSSP) in that state, along with a contact person
for each agency. The SSIG agency is always listed first, followed by
the Douglas agency (in states where the Douglas program operates),
the Byrd agency, and lastly by the NSSP agency. In most of the
states, the SSIG and Douglas programs are administered by the
same agency, while the Byrd program and NSSP are administered
by either the state Department of Education or a different agency.
The contact for each agency is usually the program official,
designated as such with a "(P)" in front of his or her name. In a few
instances, when there is no program official, the official listed will
be the senior agency official. That person will be designated as such
with an "(A)" in front of his or her name.

[[The state contacts listed in Appendix B are currently unavailable
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