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If Completed Verification Reveals No Errors

AwardYear: 1995-1996
ChapterNumber: 3
ChapterTitle: Completing the Verification Process
Section: If Completed Verification Reveals No Errors

When you have obtained all necessary verification documents from
the applicant, you should compare that documentation to the
information originally reported on the application. If the
verification process shows that all of the student's information is
correct, and there are no outstanding issues or conflicting
information, you may award aid in the following ways according to
the student's eligibility:

- DISBURSE Federal Pell, FSEOG, and Federal Perkins Loan

- EMPLOY students under the FWS program

- CERTIFY Federal Direct Loan applications and Federal
Stafford Loan applications or deliver loan proceeds

Receipt of the Federal Output Document

To pay Federal Pell Grant funds to a student, the school must
receive a final and valid SAR (or other valid federal output
OR BY JUNE 30 of the award year, whichever is earlier. Any
federal output document you receive after that time is not eligible for
payment, except in the case of students whose applications were
selected for verification. If a student's application is selected for
verification, you may pay on any final and valid federal output
document received within 60 DAYS AFTER THE STUDENT'S
year, whichever is earlier.


To pay a Pell Grant, the school must receive the student’s final,
valid federal output document by the last day of the student’s
enrollment, or by June 30, whichever is earlier. This deadline is
extended for students whose applications have been selected for
verification; the valid output document must be received at the
school within 60 days after the last day of the student’s enrollment,
or by the deadline set by ED (The specific deadline falls on or
around August 30, and is published each year in the Federal
Register, generally during the spring preceding the beginning of
the award year.), whichever is earlier.

If you receive a final and valid federal output document after the Pell
deadline but within the verification extension deadline, you must
pay based on the highest EFC calculated for that student, even if it is
the original incorrect EFC. For example, assume a student's
application was selected for verification and her original EFC was
850, but upon verification and correction of the application, her
reprocessed EFC is 20. If the official reprocessed EFC was received
within the Pell deadline, you may use it for payment and it will
result in a higher Federal Pell Grant amount. However, if the
official reprocessed EFC is received after the Pell deadline, you
MUST pay based on the original higher EFC. (The intent of this
rule is to ensure that students who take advantage of the verification
extension deadline do not get more aid by doing so; therefore, it is in
the student's best interest to complete verification as soon as

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