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AwardYear: 1996-1997
ChapterTitle: Table of Contents
Section: Contents

CHAPTER ONE: Basic Requirements (1)
Introduction (1)
Applications with Conflicting Information (2)
Applications that Must Be Verified (3)
30% Verification Option (6)
Verification Exclusions (7)

CHAPTER TWO: Required Verification
Items And Acceptable Documentation (11)
Required Verification Items (11)
Required Documentation (12)
The Verification Worksheet, Dependent Student (13)
The Verification Worksheet, Independent Student (15)
Verifying Household Size (18)
Verifying Number Enrolled in Postsecondary Education (20)
Verifying AGI and U.S. Income Tax Paid (21)
Verifying Untaxed Income and Benefits (30)

CHAPTER THREE: Completing The Verification Process (33)
Until Verification is Complete (33)
If the Student Fails to Provide Documentation (35)
If Completed Verification Reveals No Errors (36)
Verification Status Codes (38)
If Verification Reveals Incorrect or Outdated Information (40)
Tolerance Option Instead of Correcting (41)
Making Corrections (42)
Updating (44)

CHAPTER FOUR: Discretionary Verification (47)
Verifying Untaxed Income and Benefits (48)
Verifying Total Income (49)
Verifying Assets (50)
Housing Index Multiplier Table (56)
Commercial Property Multiplier Table (57)

CHAPTER FIVE: Overpayments, Referrals,
and Suspected Fraud (59)
Overpayments (59)
Referral of Overpayment Cases (63)
Referral of Fraud Cases (65)
Overpayment Referral Format (66)

CHAPTER SIX: Required Policies and Procedures (67)
Written Policies (67)
Information for the Applicant (68)
System for Identifying Inconsistencies (68)

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