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Title IV Reporting Requirements

PublicationDate: 7/1/95
ChapterNumber: 6
ChapterTitle: Title IV Reporting Requirements
SectionNumber: 4
SectionTitle: Monthly Electronic Expenditure Reporting System (MEERS)
PageNumbers: 250-252

((Advantages of using MEERS))
The Monthly Electronic Expenditure Reporting System (MEERS)
was implemented by ED as part of its continuing efforts to improve
cash management by schools and other organizations that receive
federal funds. MEERS enables ED to improve reporting on cash
outlays for its programs to the U. S. Treasury and the Office of
Management and Budget (OMB). MEERS also enables schools to
report expenditures and resolve problems with their ED accounts
more frequently, thus helping them maintain school fiscal records
and report to ED in a more accurate and timely manner.

OMB and Department of Education General Administration
Regulations (EDGAR) stipulate that schools with annual award
authorizations totaling $1 million or more may be required to submit
monthly expenditure reports. Other schools may elect to use
MEERS if they so desire. MEERS will eventually replace the paper
ED/PMS 272 Report.

Schools that have been transferred to monthly reporting or those that
have elected to use monthly reporting transmit expenditure
information using an IBM-compatible personal computer (PC) or an
Apple Macintosh computer and software provided by ED. The
following hardware and software are required for using MEERS:
Hardware and software requirements

- an IBM-compatible PC or Apple Macintosh Computer,

- MEERS software (provided by ED),

- a PC hard drive with at least 2 megabytes of free disk space
(additional space is needed for storing a school's MEERS

- 400 kilobytes of available RAM,

- a modem installed on the same PC where MEERS software is

- MS-DOS or PC-DOS version 3.3 or higher (for IBM-compatible

- a 5.25-inch or 3.5-inch floppy disk drive (double density or high
density), and

- a printer capable of printing on 8.5-inch x 11-inch paper.

More detailed information about MEERS can be found in Chapter 4
of the ED/PMS Recipient's Guide and in the MEERS User's Guide.

Schools wishing to transfer to MEERS should contact:

Jay Greenberg
U.S. Department of Education
Financial Payments Group
600 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 3321
Washington, DC 20202-4331

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