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Student Financial Aid Programs

PublicationDate: 7/1/95
ChapterNumber: 1
ChapterTitle: Student Financial Aid Programs
SectionNumber: 5
SectionTitle: Another Federal Program
PageNumbers: 13-14

1.5 Another Federal Program

In addition to the Title IV programs described above, the U.S.
Department of Education administers other non-Title-IV financial
aid programs for students. This section describes a program
common to many postsecondary institutions. For a complete listing,
please refer to The Federal Student Financial Aid Handbook.

1.5.1 Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarship Program

The Douglas Scholarship Program encourages outstanding high
school graduates and recent GED certificate recipients to pursue
teaching careers at the preschool, elementary school, or secondary
school level. Students apply for Douglas Scholarships through the
state education agency in their state of legal residence.

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