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Subject: 2011-2012 SAR Comment Codes and Text Guide

Posted Date:October 27, 2010

Subject: 2011-2012 SAR Comment Codes and Text Guide

We are pleased to announce the posting of the 2011-2012 SAR Comment Codes and Text reference guide. The reference guide is designed as a stand-alone guide as well as a companion to the 2011-2012 EDE Technical Reference. The guide includes a description of changes to the SAR comments for 2011-2012, and also provides the complete text for all 2011-2012 comments.

New for 2011-2012, this guide has been expanded to include database match information that was previously included in Appendix B of the ISIR Guide. We reformatted the SAR comment code and text table and provide simplified, enhanced tables at the end of the guide that cross-reference match flag results with the rejects, C flag, and comment numbers.

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