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Volume 1 - Student Eligibility

Award Year: 2002-2003

Chapter: --Volume 1 - FSA Handbook: Student Eligibility

Section: --Volume 1 - Student Eligibility

Page Numbers: 138 Pages


Posted on 10-03-2002


The Handbook is mailed each year to all schools participating in the Federal Student Aid programs, (See instructions for updating your school's mailing address for publications.)

We received permission to release the 02-03 FSA Handbook in early October, and we expect print copies to be available and mailed in December.

Once the Handbook is mailed out to schools, additional copies may be ordered on-line from the Department--see Publications for Aid Professionals. Questions and suggestions about the contents of the Handbook may be sent to the Research & Publications Group in the Schools Channel.

Each chapter of Volume 1 - Student Eligibility of the 2002-2003 FSA Handbook is presented as a separate PDF File. Scroll down the page to see all the chapters (listed as attachments) and the hyperlink text.