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Federal Pell Grant Program - Appendix D: Reconciling Student Payment Data

AwardYear: 1997-1998
EnterChapterNo: 4
EnterChapterTitle: Federal Pell Grant Program
SectionTitle: Appendix D: Reconciling Student Payment Data
PageNumbers: 113-116


Batch dated -- 12/01/97
Total Amount Paid to Date (Item 6) -- 8,238
Total Remaining to be Paid (Item 7) -- 6,497
Total Payment Amount (Item 6 + Item 7) -- 14,735
Actual payments in institutional records -- 12,414

STEP 1. From institutional records, determine the payments not yet
made. EXAMPLE: $2,700 remained to be paid as of the date the
school is reconciling the data.

STEP 2. Deduct result of Step 1 from the Total Payment Amount on
the SPS. EXAMPLE: $14,735 - $2,700 = $12,035.

STEP 3. Compare result in Step 2 to the payment amounts in
institutional records. EXAMPLE: Compare $12,414 to $12,035; the
difference is $379.

STEP 4. Account for any discrepancy in the following categories:

- Payments in institutional records for recipients the school has not
yet reported;

- Payments in institutional records for recipients the school reported
but the Department rejected;

- Payments in institutional records which the Department

- Payments included in the school's student payment data but
missing from institutional records; and

- Recoveries the school has restored to its Pell account but has not
reported to the Department as changes to its student payment data.

Please keep in mind that

- The Pell payments according to institutional records SHOULD
NEVER EXCEED the school's Pell authorization--the school
cannot pay more Pell funds than the Department has authorized.

- The school's records of actual payments should equal or exceed
the total Amount Paid to Date listed on the SPS, unless the school
has already recovered some of those payments.

- Actual payments should not exceed the Total Payment Amount
listed on the SPS. If this occurs, the school either needs to report
additional recipients and payment amount adjustments OR correct
the institutional records and payments.

- The actual payments made by the school should equal the Total
Payment Amount (Item 6 + Item 7) after the school makes all
payments and reports all payment adjustments to the Department.
If the school identifies major discrepancies, it needs to correct the
reporting errors so that the next SPS will reflect more complete
and reconcilable data.

Last Modified: 07/28/1998