IFAP Update – Upcoming Transition of FSAdownload Content and Financial Partners Portal to IFAP Website (Updated July 24, 2019 2019)

Posted Date: March 28, 2019

Author: Federal Student Aid

Subject: IFAP Update – Upcoming Transition of FSAdownload Content and Financial Partners Portal to IFAP Website (Updated July 24, 2019)

Note: On July 24, 2019, we updated this announcement to reflect an updated targeted transition implementation timeframe. Implementation is now targeted for August 2019.

As part of our ongoing effort to improve efficiency and simplify our Title IV systems and processes, we have identified an opportunity to retire the stand-alone FSAdownload website and post software and user documentation on the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) website instead. We will incorporate the Financial Partners Portal into the IFAP website as well.

FSAdownload and Financial Partners Portal Transition Plan Summary

We plan to move software and user documentation from FSAdownload to the IFAP website in August 2019.

  • Software and user documentation from 2014 forward will be moved from FSAdownload to the IFAP website.

  • If the most recent version of a software or user documentation item was posted prior to 2014, we will move the most recent version to the IFAP website.

  • Other software and user documentation posted on FSAdownload prior to 2014 will be stored and accessible via a user request on the IFAP Feedback page.

  • The FSAdownload website will be retired after the implementation of this transition.

The Financial Partners Portal will also be moved and become a distinct area within the IFAP website.

Access to Documents and Software from FSAdownload

Until the transition is implemented, the financial aid community will continue to access the FSAdownload website for necessary documents and software. After implementation, all materials transitioned from the FSAdownload website to the IFAP website will be consolidated and easily accessible on a new Software and Other Tools page. A link to this page will be included on the IFAP Home page after implementation. We will provide a direct URL for this page at a later time.

User Preparation for Transition Implementation

Redirects for the FSAdownload website home page and the Financial Partners Portal home page will be in place temporarily after the transition is implemented.

Users that have bookmarked any FSAdownload website pages or reference the FSAdownload website in any materials will need to remove those references and replace them with the appropriate IFAP website URLs and references after implementation.

Users will also have to evaluate their bookmarks, websites, and documentation for any Financial Partners Portal URLs that will need to be updated after implementation.

Additional Information

We will provide additional information and updates through Electronic Announcements posted to the IFAP website. Monitor the IFAP website for this additional transition information.

Last Modified: 03/27/2019