(Application Processing) Subject: CPS Processing Without Selective Service System Match During Partial Government Shutdown

Posted Date:January 9, 2019

Author: Federal Student Aid

Subject: CPS Processing Without Selective Service System Match During Partial Government Shutdown

We are alerting the community that daily processing at the Central Processing System (CPS) is bypassing the database match with the Selective Service System (SSS) during the partial federal government shutdown. Bypassing the SSS database match allows the CPS to continue Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) processing with minimal impact to applicants. The CPS is otherwise processing normally.

During this match bypass, Student Aid Reports (SARs) and Institutional Student Information Records (ISIRs) will display Comment Code 390: “We were unable to verify your eligibility for federal student aid with one or more other federal agencies through computer matching programs. Your school will contact you if additional information is needed.” The CPS will assign a blank value to the Selective Service Match Flag on SARs and ISIRs unless the corrected transaction already has a valid SSS match flag value that the CPS can pull forward to the new transaction.

As a reminder, female students and male students that were previously matched with the SSS will not receive this comment.

When the SSS resumes services following the shutdown, the CPS will reprocess application and correction records for impacted students that were received during the match bypass period and distribute updated ISIRs and SARs. We will post an electronic announcement to the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) website with more information about this CPS reprocessing as information becomes available. In the interim, until affected ISIRs are reprocessed, if a school has reason to believe that an applicant who was required to register for Selective Service has not done so, the school can check a student’s Selective Service status:

  • By going to the SSS website at https://www.sss.gov/Registration-Info (this will require the applicant’s last name, Social Security Number and date of birth); or

  • Request the student’s SSS registration card as evidence.

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Last Modified: 01/08/2019