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(Campus-Based) Subject: 2018–19 Final Funding Authorizations for the Campus-Based Programs

Posted Date:April 26, 2018

Author: Federal Student Aid

Subject: 2018–19 Final Funding Authorizations for the Campus-Based Programs

In a December 20, 2017 Electronic Announcement, we informed institutions of tentative 2018–19 funding levels for the Campus-Based programs. We now announce that final 2018–19 Campus-Based programs funding worksheets and the 2018–19 Statement of Account for each of the Campus-Based programs has been posted to the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) Web Site.

A school's 2018–19 final funding authorization for each of the Campus-Based programs is based on the applicable statutory formula and on the amount of funds appropriated by Congress for that program. A school will not receive a 2018–19 final funding authorization amount for a Campus-Based program that is in excess of its request for funds made for that program on the Fiscal Operations Report for 2016–17 and Application to Participate for 2018–19 (FISAP) that the school previously submitted to the Department of Education (the Department).

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018 (Pub. L. 115-141) was enacted on March 23, 2018. It appropriated funds for the Federal Work-Study (FWS) and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) programs to be allocated to schools for the 2018–19 Award Year. The total 2018–19 federal funds available for allocation to schools under the FWS, FSEOG, and Federal Perkins Loan (Perkins Loan) programs are as follows:

Program Total Federal Funds Available for Allocation to Schools
FWS $ 1,130,000,000
FSEOG $ 840,000,000
Perkins Loan $ 0

How the Campus-Based Awards for a School are Determined

A school's final funding level for each of the Campus-Based programs is determined in accordance with provisions of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), and by the implementing regulations at 34 CFR Part 673. The final funding worksheets posted on the COD Web Site will show the information that was used in the calculation of each school's 2018–19 Campus-Based allocations.

Returning more than 10 percent of the 2016–17 Allocation for one of the Campus-Based Programs Affects a School's 2018–19 Allocation

As required by the HEA, unless a waiver has been granted, if a school returns more than 10 percent of its FWS or FSEOG program allocation for an award year, the school's allocation for that program in the second succeeding award year will be reduced by the amount returned. Thus, underutilization of 2016–17 funds could impact a school's allocation of 2018–19 funds.

We accepted requests for a waiver of any 2018–19 Award Year penalty for the underuse of 2016–17 Award Year funds with the initial submission of the FISAP or with any FISAP edit submissions received through the February 5, 2018 waiver request deadline. We reviewed the waiver requests received, notified the financial aid administrators at the requesting schools of our decisions, and posted the decision letters to the COD Web Site. Any school that underutilized its 2016–17 allocation by more than 10 percent and did not receive approval of a waiver request will see an adjustment in the applicable final funding worksheet on the line labeled "Allocation Reduction."

Notification of 2018–19 Campus-Based Allocations

In addition to this Electronic Announcement, individual schools will be notified by email that the 2018–19 Campus-Based allocation information has been posted to the COD Web Site. We will send this email to each school's financial aid administrator, as provided in the school's most recently submitted FISAP. This email will advise the school that it can access its 2018–19 Campus-Based allocation information as follows:

Awards for each Campus-Based program in which the school participates will be reflected in the school's 2018–19 Statement of Account on the COD Web Site. Final Funding Worksheets for each Campus-Based program in which the school participates will also be posted on the COD Web Site. To access both documents:

  • Log in to the COD Web Site
  • From the School tab, select Campus-Based from the left navigation menu
  • Select the "Self-Service" link from the left navigation menu
  • Select the 2018-2019 Application Year from the drop-down menu

Attached to this announcement is an explanation of the calculation of the final funding authorization contained in the worksheet for each program.

Reallocation of Additional Campus-Based Funds for the 2018–19 Award Year

All of the Campus-Based funds available for the 2018–19 Award Year have been allocated in this final Campus-Based allocation process. However, some schools may qualify for supplemental 2018–19 Campus-Based funds based upon a reallocation of funds not spent by institutions from 2017–18 allocations. Specific information on the reallocation process and the electronic application for requesting additional funds will be provided in subsequent communications.

"Total Authorized Level of Expenditure" or "LOE" for the Federal Perkins Loan Program

Schools that participate in the Perkins Loan Program will not receive an authorization for a 2018–19 level of expenditure (LOE). The LOE will be listed as $0 on all schools’ final funding worksheets due to the expiration of the program. However, schools are permitted to expend from its Perkins Loan Fund (the Fund) only the allowable collections costs permitted under 34 CFR 674.47.

Contact Information

For additional information about 2018–19 Campus-Based allocations, contact the COD School Relations Center at 1-800-848-0978. You may also email

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