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Webinar Recording Posted - Postsecondary Institution Data Security Requirements and How to Use the Institution of Higher Education (IHE) Compliance Framework (IHECF)

FSA's senior advisor of cybersecurity recorded a virtual training session about how to leverage the new Institutions of Higher Education Compliance Framework (IHECF) tool and how it can save each school time and effort, as well as help avoid duplication. This recording covers some of the same data-security material from the Sept. 27, 2017 webinar, but the content is expanded to include new IHECF assistance. The recording can be found on the FSA Cybersecurity Compliance page, under the Training and Conferences section.

We hope this information is helpful to schools, school CISOs, and other members of the financial aid community. If you have questions about the training session, please email

Last Modified: 12/21/2017