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(EDESuite) Subject: Change to EDESuite Operating System Requirements Beginning in Fall 2017 (Updated Aug. 27, 2020)

Posted Date:March 7, 2017

Author: Pamela Eliadis, Service Director, System Operations & Aid Delivery Management, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Change to EDESuite Operating System Requirements Beginning in Fall 2017 (Updated Aug. 27, 2020)

Note: We have posted updated EDESuite operating system requirements. Please refer to the Aug. 27, 2020 Electronic Announcement for the most recent information.

We would like to provide users of our EDESuite software products with important operating system information, in advance of the release of EDExpress for Windows 2018-2019, Release 1.0 later this year. EDESuite software products include EDExpress and the Direct Loan (DL) Tools for Windows software.

With the first release of EDExpress 2018-2019, scheduled for October 2017, global enhancements to the EDESuite software will require that users have one of the following supported Microsoft operating systems installed on any PC that runs an EDESuite software product:

  • Windows 7

  • Windows 8

We will conduct routine testing with these operating systems prior to the release of EDExpress 2018-2019, Release 1.0 and DL Tools, Release 17.0 (scheduled for summer 2018). Many users are already successfully using these operating systems with EDESuite software products.

EDExpress 2018-2019, Release 1.0, and all EDESuite software released after that, will not be compatible with older operating systems, including Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Note: We have not yet tested the Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10 as an operating system for our EDESuite software products. Although preliminary Windows 10 testing will be performed for Release 1.0 of EDExpress 2018-2019, we are currently evaluating a timeline for full Windows 10 compatibility testing. Additional information will be provided as that timeline becomes available.

This upcoming change to the required operating systems will be a significant change for some EDESuite users, and we encourage users to evaluate the impact to their processing environment as soon as possible.

To assist users with planning for necessary upgrades and determining whether optional upgrades may be desirable, we have provided updated EDESuite minimum and optimal system configuration information in the attachment to this announcement. This information will be an important resource as you plan for EDExpress 2018-2019 and beyond.

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We appreciate your careful attention to the information in this announcement, to ensure a smooth transition if system upgrades are necessary.

If you have any questions, contact CPS/SAIG Technical Support at 800/330-5947 (TDD/TTY 800/511-5806) or by email at

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