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(General) Subject: Our FAFSA® outreach campaign counters the myths of financial aid

Posted Date:October 13, 2016

Author: Lisa DiCarlo, Director, Student Experience Group, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Our FAFSA® outreach campaign counters the myths of financial aid

Our FAFSA® outreach campaign counters the myths of financial aid

The 2017–18 FAFSA is now available. It launched on October 1, 2016! Along with the FAFSA launch, we unveiled some new elements for our outreach campaign. This year’s campaign is focused on dispelling common myths about the FAFSA, financial aid and encouraging people to fill out the application. We tackle myths such as “my parents make too much money,” “federal student aid is only for students with high grades,” and much more.

Federal Student Aid worked with comedian Adam Conover—who is known for countering misconceptions of everyday topics—to create a new video focused on dispelling financial aid myths in an entertaining way. You can find this video at our myth-busting campaign page at In addition, we have social media posts promoting the FAFSA, as well as our many other resources (see the next section).

Visit the FAFSA Campaign Website

Visit the Digital Resources Page

A full list of resources for the 2017–18 FAFSA®

Looking for a great resource for all things FAFSA? We’ve got just the thing—a PDF called Federal Student Aid Resources for the 2017–18 FAFSA®. In this document, you’ll find a long list of resources, including:

  • FAFSA on the Web Preview Presentation

  • FAFSA Demo Site

  • Blog posts

  • Fact sheets

  • Infographics

  • Presentations

  • Videos

  • And more

The PDF includes links to resources and tools in English and Spanish. You can view the document online, and download it if you like. Keep it handy for those times when you need a resource for yourself or want to pass one on to students or parents.

See the Federal Student Aid Resources Now

A good way to help students and parents avoid FAFSA®mistakes

Federal Student Aid provides advice and information for students and parents alike through our blog content. One blog post in particular has been very popular: 12 Common FAFSA Mistakes. Here’s why: Not only does it point out the mistakes, it also offers helpful ways to avoid them. And now that FAFSA season is in full swing, feel free to share the post on your social channels and in your emails any time.

Visit the 12 Common FAFSA Mistakes Blog Post

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