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(Application Processing) Subject: Notice of the updated Draft 2017-2018 Federal Student Aid Application Materials

Posted Date:July 18, 2016

Author: Lisa DiCarlo, Director, Student Experience Group, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Notice of the updated Draft 2017-2018 Federal Student Aid Application Materials

Draft versions of the proposed 2017-2018 application forms used by individuals applying for federal student aid, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA&reg) form and the Student Aid Report (SAR), are available for public comment. Only comments regarding the FAFSA, SAR, and related forms should be submitted during this comment period.

The federal student aid application process is required to collect and process the data necessary to determine a student’s eligibility to receive Title IV, HEA program assistance. The application process begins with an applicant submitting a FAFSA to the Department of Education. After submitting the FAFSA, the applicant receives a SAR, which is a summary of the data the applicant submitted on the FAFSA. The applicant reviews the SAR, and if necessary, makes corrections or updates to the submitted FAFSA data.

Comments submitted during the 60-day comment period have been reviewed by the Department of Education and compiled into a single document that includes the Department’s responses; this document can be found here.

The updated draft documents are available for review; included in the posted documentation are:

  • The 2017-2018 Data Elements Justification, which provides an explanation for every question on the FAFSA;
  • The updated Summary of Enhancements to the 2017-2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid;
  • The updated Supporting Statement for the 2017-2018 FAFSA;
  • The updated draft of the 2017-2018 FAFSA;
  • The updated draft of the 2017-2018 SAR; and
  • The updated draft of the 2017-2018 SAR Acknowledgement

All documents can be viewed by clicking this link: Once the Web page opens, click on “Supporting Statements (30D FRN)” or “Forms and Instructions (30D FRN)” and each of the “DOC” or “PDF” icons to open the documents.

Comments submitted in response to this notice should be submitted electronically through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at by searching on Docket ID number ED-2016-ICCD-0036 or by linking directly to the site here: Click on the “Comment Now!” button to submit a comment.

We have made some changes to the application. These changes are explained in the FAFSA Enhancements Summary document, which can be found here:; click on the “DOC” icon next to “2017-2018 Summary of Enhancements” to open the document.

Last Modified: 07/17/2016