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(General) Subject: Federal Student Aid Launches Online Feedback System

Posted Date:July 1, 2016

Author: Matt Sessa, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Federal Student Aid Launches Online Feedback System

On July 1, 2016, the office of Federal Student Aid launched the Federal Student Aid (FSA) Feedback System. This online portal—that can be accessed at—will allow students, parents, borrowers, and others to submit complaints and compliments, as well as report allegations of suspicious activity related to their experience with federal student aid programs and receive timely, meaningful resolution to their issues. We intend to use information provided through the system to improve the delivery and oversight of federal financial aid programs.

Customers can submit feedback about

  • applying for and receiving federal loans, grants, and work study;
  • experiences with federal loan servicers, collections agencies, and the U.S. Department of Education; and
  • schools’ administration of federal student aid programs, including possible misrepresentation of facts about a school or its recruitment and marketing practices.

Students, parents, borrowers, and others can submit feedback about their own experience or on behalf of someone else. For example, a financial aid administrator could submit feedback on a student’s behalf.

Customers have the option to include their contact information with their feedback. And, customers can enter their FSA ID to easily track the status of their submission. Users can submit feedback anonymously, but are unable to receive follow-up communications.

Federal Student Aid has not changed the process by which we contact schools to resolve complaints. If a school receives an e-mail from Federal Student Aid about a complaint, all responses about the matter must be returned via the original e-mail chain to properly track the response. A school should not copy and paste any information into a new e-mail or create a new e-mail to respond to Federal Student Aid.

The 2015 Student Aid Bill of Rights requires Federal Student Aid to publish an annual report about feedback submitted through the system beginning in October 2017. We will publish an interim report that will include aggregate data in October 2016.

Students, parents, and borrowers wishing to find answers to general questions and learn how to directly contact their servicer should continue to visit the Contact Us page on

Last Modified: 06/30/2016