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(Application Processing) Subject: Issue Alert: Selective Service Match Issue Impacting CPS Processing This Week

Posted Date:June 28, 2016

Author: Lisa DiCarlo, Director, Student Experience Group, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Issue Alert: Selective Service Match Issue Impacting CPS Processing This Week

We are alerting all schools that the Selective Service System (SSS) is experiencing a technical issue that is preventing it from providing the Central Processing System (CPS) with database match results. We do not have a definitive end time for the match outage at this time; we anticipate this issue may require up to a week to resolve.

To minimize impacts to applicants and schools, the CPS will continue processing application and correction data for active cycles this week and suspend the SSS matching process. Upon resolution of the technical issue, the CPS will resume normal matching routines with the SSS, reprocess applications and corrections that should have been sent to the SSS during the outage window, and send system-generated records resulting from the reprocessing to applicants and schools.

Records processed by the CPS that are affected by the SSS match suspension will have a blank Selective Service Match Flag value on the SAR and ISIR (field #359).

Note: The June 30, 2016 deadline for 2015-2016 applications will not be impacted by the SSS match issue since the CPS will continue to process all applications received on a daily basis.

We recommend that you monitor the IFAP Web site this week for additional electronic announcements about the resolution of this issue and the upcoming reprocessing of impacted records.

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If you have any questions, contact CPS/SAIG Technical Support at 800/330-5947 (TDD/TTY 800/511-5806) or by e-mail at

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