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(General) Subject: Reminder - Department of Education to Implement Two Factor Authentication for G5 Access

Posted Date:April 19, 2016

Author: Sue O'Flaherty, Service Director, Program Management, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Reminder - Department of Education to Implement Two Factor Authentication for G5 Access

This is a reminder that the Department of Education (the Department) will implement changes to G5 to support use of Two Factor Authentication (TFA). These changes will be rolled out to G5 users in groups, starting in mid-April 2016 and ending in June 2016.

As a reminder, TFA is a security process through which all authorized users are required to enter two forms of “authentication” to access the Department’s systems. Currently, G5 users are required to enter a password when logging in to G5. The second factor will be a unique code users must enter each time they log into G5. The unique code can be retrieved by a free authenticator application that G5 users download and register to their mobile devices. Note: For G5 users who do not own a smart device, the code can be retrieved via a text message to a mobile phone or via a phone call to a landline.

IMPORTANT: The authenticator application to be used for G5 is not the same soft token/application that some users may already be using to access some Federal Student Aid systems.

Since March 14, 2016, all G5 users have been encouraged to enter at least one phone number as well as provide two additional security answers on their G5 profile. When logging in to G5 for the first time after this date, G5 users can go to the "My Profile" page where they can enter the additional data.

For information about the G5 TFA implementation, visit the G5 Web site. Specific details on how to download the authenticator application or use an alternative method of code retrieval will be provided to each G5 user in an e-mail shortly before the TFA changes are implemented to his or her G5 account.

Contact Information

For further information on the G5 TFA implementation, you may contact the G5 Hotline at 888/336-8930. You may also e-mail

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