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(General) Subject: Employment Opportunities - Vacancy Announcement for Pathways Summer Internships at Federal Student Aid

Posted Date:February 12, 2016

Author: Todd May, Director of Communication Services, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Employment Opportunities - Vacancy Announcement for Pathways Summer Internships at Federal Student Aid

These summer internship positions are located in the Department of Education, Federal Student Aid (FSA). FSA administers funds for Federal student financial assistance to help students and families pay for the cost of postsecondary education. FSA is the nation’s largest source of postsecondary education financial aid. FSA educates students and families about the process for obtaining aid, processes millions of aid applications, and disburses billions of aid dollars. FSA administers billions of dollars in existing guaranteed loans, services tens of millions of accounts, and partners with schools, financial institutions and guaranty agencies to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.

Job Announcement Numbers and Position Titles:

  • FSA-2016-0013 - PATHWAYS INTERN, Management and Program Analyst Trainee, GS-399-5/7 (Headquarters)

  • FSA-2016-0014 - PATHWAYS INTERN, Management and Program Analyst Trainee, GS-399-5/7 (Regions)

  • FSA-2016-0015 – PATHWAYS INTERN, Contract Specialist Trainee, GS-1199-5/7 (Headquarters)

  • FSA-2016-0016 – PATHWAYS INTERN, Institutional Review Specialist Trainee, GS-1199-5/7 (Headquarters)

  • FSA-2016-0017 – PATHWAYS INTERN, Institutional Review Specialist Trainee, GS-1199-5/7 (Regions)

DIVISION TITLE: Federal Student Aid (FSA)
SERIES & GRADE: GS 399 & 1199. Grades 5 & 7
SALARY RANGE: $35,265.00 to $56,790.00/Per Year
DUTY LOCATION: Washington DC and Regional Locations - see below
OPENING DATE: 02/12/2016
CLOSING DATE: 02/17/2016

NUMBER OF VACANCIES and LOCATIONS:Numerous vacancies in Washington, DC and several in the following regional offices:
San Francisco, CA, US
Denver, CO, US
Atlanta, GA, US
Chicago, IL, US
Boston, MA, US
Kansas City, MO, US
New York, NY, US
Philadelphia, PA, US
Dallas, TX, US
Seattle, WA, US


PATHWAYS INTERN, Management and Program Analyst Trainee, GS-399-5/7 will perform the following duties:

  • Assisting in providing clerical and administrative support services to the assigned organization

  • Responding to information requests on topics related to the mission, products, or services of the organization.

  • Explaining resources, services, and administrative processes to clients using the appropriate form(s) and/or making appropriate referrals following established procedures.

  • Providing limited technical answers to inquiries by phone, in person, or in written correspondence, related to the organization's mission.

  • Processing or maintaining records and/or documents related to the work of the office.

  • Assisting in managing office facilities for the maintenance of office products.

  • Analyzing and recommending program changes in limited areas of assignment.

  • Participating in program studies and analysis of operations to achieve greater economy and efficiency.

  • Preparing materials for work flow and operational analyses, cost studies, and/or equipment utilization.

  • Preparing initial work plans and draft reports based on existing procedures or observation of the activity to be studied.

PATHWAYS INTERN, Contract Specialist Trainee (GS-1199-5/7) will perform the following duties:

  • Assist higher grade staff by gathering facts from standardized and readily available sources such as databases, program staff, and historical records.

  • Assist in preparation of solicitation packages, preliminary evaluation of bids and quotations.

  • Analyze and recommend program changes in limited areas of assignment.

  • Brief managers and communicate tentative recommendations regarding efficiency in program operations.

  • Review requests for procurement of standard and specialized goods and services.

  • Evaluate business and technical requirements, market conditions, business practices, and sources of supply, using standard contracting methodology and well-defined procedures.

  • Analyze requirements, propose revisions to statements of work or specifications, and recommend the type of contract, milestones, and procurement plan.

  • Monitor the contractor's performance through telephone conversations, correspondence, reports, and vouchers to verify acceptable performance, scheduling, problem resolution, and verification of deliverables.

  • Negotiate contract modifications to accommodate changing requirements.

  • Recommend the award of contracts to the contracting officer, along with required supporting documentation.

PATHWAYS INTERN, Institutional Review Specialist Trainee (GS-1199-5/7) will perform the following duties:

  • Collect data and draft responses to inquiries concerning the administration and management of student financial assistance programs.

  • Participate in review and case management analyses and assist higher-graded specialists by gathering data on specific segments.

  • Perform preliminary analyses and make recommendations on specific applications to a higher graded specialist or supervisor.

  • Identify discrepancies or major issues encountered to make recommendations to a higher-graded specialist for corrective action.

  • Prepare preliminary drafts of relatively routine correspondence, reports, etc.

  • Prepare preliminary analyses used to assess the effectiveness of the program review activities.

This position is part of the Pathways Internship Program and is open to current students who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a qualifying educational institution and enrolled at least half-time. For additional information, please visit:

Academic unofficial transcript(s) must be provided by the closing date of the announcement. Failure to provide transcript will result in an ineligible rating.

For a complete description of requirements, qualifications and application procedures for these Pathways Internship positions, please see the full job announcements at:

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