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(General) Subject: FSA ID/PIN Replacement - Successfully Implemented on May 10, 2015

Posted Date:May 11, 2015

Author: Brenda Wensil, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Federal Student Aid
William Leith, Chief Business Operations Officer, Federal Student Aid

Subject: FSA ID/PIN Replacement - Successfully Implemented on May 10, 2015

On Sunday, May 10, 2015, we implemented the FSA ID, a modernized log-in process that improves the security and customer experience for our student- and borrower-based websites, including FAFSA on the Web, NSLDS Student Access,,, and the TEACH Grant website. The new FSA ID, which is comprised of a user-selected username and password, replaces the Federal Student Aid PIN as the process by which students, parents, and borrowers authenticate their identity to access their federal student aid information.

As part of our commitment to ensure this transition is as seamless as possible for our customers, users who arrive at the impacted websites are directed to a link to register for their new FSA ID. The registration process should take less than 7 minutes. Only the owner of the FSA ID should create his or her account.

In our May 4 IFAP announcement, we attached a one-page FSA ID guide you may want to share with your students, parents, and borrowers. We have also provided additional information about the FSA ID, including frequently asked questions, on our website at

To help ensure a smooth transition for your students, we encourage you to work with your Technology Support Organization to “whitelist” the following domain: By adding to the list of trusted domain addresses used by your organization, the chances that FSA ID-related e-mail messages are blocked or identified as spam will be reduced. See our May 7 IFAP announcement for additional information.

As a reminder, this change does not impact the FSA User ID login process that is currently in place for financial aid professionals.

Thank you for your support during the implementation of this important change.

Last Modified: 05/10/2015